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Nancy Monson, the Soul Purpose Advocate, believes in living a soul directed life, every day. She is an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator. For the past fifteen years, Nancy has been guiding women who struggle with challenging career and life transitions as their spiritual mentor, teacher, and healer – their Soul Purpose Advocate.

She has devoted her life to supporting people living a soul-directed life every day. The midlife passage, in particular, is the most powerful time to awaken to the soul’s potential and purpose. Nancy guides people through this rebirth to create a meaningful and joyous soul-directed life. It’s her unique combination of strategic and pragmatic skills, sense of the big picture, and her wonder and interest in the people on this planet that she brings to the work she offers women.

She has amassed a unique array of skills, talents, wisdom and a lifetime of transformative experiences to guide people who are truly ready to live their soul’s unique potential and purpose every day. Along with her advanced degrees (an MBA and MA in the Science of Creative Intelligence), 20 years of working with corporate executives and teams, and her myriad of transformational methodology certifications, she adds 25 years of outdoor leadership and wilderness adventures. She believes nature is immensely healing and transformative, taking us to a deep place of inner connection with our own true nature.


As the Soul Purpose Advocate, Nancy speaks frequently about:

Using the GPS of the soul to reveal who you are meant to be and
the life you are meant to live

Nancy explains how the Human Design system reveals your soul’s unique potential, the path for your life, what keeps you from living your potential, and how to make decisions every day that support manifesting the life you are meant to live.

The deeper purpose and process of the midlife passage

Your soul calls you to awaken to live your full potential in midlife. It can be scary to hear and commit to what the soul is telling you to do. Especially when it conflicts with how your ego has operated for so long. Nancy gives strategies to navigate this sacred passage and create a meaningful life.

Releasing the conditioning that sabotages living your soul’s purpose

The Alchemy of Inner Change is a powerful process that releases what keeps you from living your soul’s purpose. It takes place over and over in your life, often with overlapping phases. To live your soul’s purpose, Nancy explains why it’s critical to understand and how to support this process, however challenging in the moment.


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To contact Nancy for speaking at your upcoming conference or event, or to be a guest on your upcoming show, please email media@everydayspirituality.com or call 209.217.8120.