Everyday Spirituality Radio

Everyday Spirituality Radio allows me to continue towards fulfilling my mission and life’s work – to liberate people from their inner suffering and help them live their soul’s unique purpose.

As a Soul Purpose Advocate, I focus on four things:Everyday Spirituality Radio

  • Using the soul’s GPS to reveal to a person who they are truly meant to be
  • Embracing and holding sacred the messages of their soul
  • Helping to fully accept, express and celebrate their unique magnificence
  • Releasing the conditioning that sabotages living their soul’s purpose


I am a teacher who uses my deep wisdom to share why and how someone can finally live their soul’s true purpose. I begin with Human Design, the GPS for living a soul-directed life. Human Design gives people access to the blueprint of their soul’s unique potentiality.


Then using a combination of tools and methodologies from Neuro Linguistic Programming to clairvoyance, I guide people through the alchemical process of inner change, to dissolve their limiting beliefs and blocks, as they are reborn into their authentic selves and honor their soul’s purpose.

Listen to the show from The Dr. Pat Show and Transformation Talk Radio as I talk about what living a soul directed life every day actually means, and how to achieve it!


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